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Machine ID 4375 Year 2010
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - Thin Stone Veneer Equipment Condition Fair
Type Thin Stone Veneer Region MidAtlantic US
Manufacturer Park Industries    
Model TXS-4800 SA    
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Description Park industries 2010 single arbor 4800 series

Specs from Manufacture Website:

TXS-4800 SA Model

Features & Benefits

Enter the explosive thin veneer stone and brick market:

Single 48� blade with maximum depth cut up to 16�

One 50 HP arbor motor

Cuts flats in one pass and corners with two passes

Our patented ThinStone® TXS-4000 series veneer saws make cutting thinstone veneer flats and 90-degree corners quick, simple, and profitable. The unique v-structured cutting surface easily cuts split-face or natural finished sandstone, limestone, and other hard stones up to 16� high and 2.5� thick. A single pass through the saw turns large stone pieces into thin stone veneer with unmatched consistency, efficiency, and reliability.

Accurate cuts with every pass.

When your reputation is on the line, you need a saw that cuts consistently every time. That�s why a TXS-4000 series saw uses perpendicular blades and automatically controlled conveyor speeds to accurately cut flat and corner pieces to uniform sizes. Eliminate waste and increase profits with consistent cuts time after time.

Engineered to keep up with your workflow.

Operating a TXS-4000 series saw is effortless. Simply adjust the vertical blade position and fence, then place the stone on the durablebelt conveyor. Automatically adjust the belt speed to 15 FPM with the rugged touch-screen control unit. Another feature is the Belt Coordinated Amp Control (BCA) which automatically places production in a cruise-control mode, reducing wear and tear on the blade.

Cut corners while cutting corners (without sacrificing quality)

Reduce production time and expenses while increasing productivity and profitability with the TXS-4000 series saw. Choose from one of four different configurations to meet your fabrication needs.

Disclaimer: All the information needs to be verified by the manufacturer.

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