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Machine ID 3688 Year 2022
Category New Machinery - Stone Machinery - Wire Saws Condition Brand new with warranty
Type 4 Axis CNC Diamond Wire Saw Region Southeast US
Manufacturer Wolf Stone Equipment    
Model 2000 2500 3000 3500    
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Description WOLF Wire Saws

Delivered to your door,

you unload ..

Installation is Extra cost of $3500.00 (with Basic training).

FULL 4 AXIS CNC Controller

We also have three axis versions specifically for cutting blocks into slabs or boulders into slabs they do have semi automated function in this ad we are representing many different configurations of the machine please call with your specific needs so we can narrow down what you're looking for

Easy to use touch screen

Uses standard DFX Files..also Alpha Cam.

(Can also be ran Manually)

This does automatic squaring of blocks,

Group cuts, auto Horizontal Top cut is a nice feature...

Plus all the fancy stuff...

Please specify rotating table..comes with strait cart non rotary

20 Ton Rotary cart is an extra cost..for all 3 machines

3 Different size saws here in this add

Model 2000 is the listed price


b. 2500 ADD Cost

c. 3000 ADD Cost

Max Processing Size

a. 300020001500mm

b. 300025001500mm

c. 300030001500mm

Guide wheel distance

a. 500-2000mm

b. 500-2500mm

c. 500-3000mm

Diamond wire length

a. 14.4m

b. 15.4m

c. 16.4m

Static Worktable Size (LW)25001300mm

Main Motor 15-40hp depending on your needs

Up-down synchro servo motor n.m15

Worktable walking stepper motor n.m20

Guide wheel rotating stepper motor n.m4

Hydraulic Tension-er force range

kg/cm2 50-70

Worktable bearing weight 20 Ton

Fly wheel diameter 60in Dia-up to-78in Dia depending on your block or boulder cutting needs

Guide wheel diameter 220mm

Wire-cutting speed

a.2000,b.2500,c.3000 is 25-40 m/p sec

(360 rotating worktable size

2500mm1600mm ADDED COST)

Marble:Production m2/h

Granite:(Depends on stone hardness.)m/h


a. 650063003800mm

b. 700063003800mm

c. 750063003800mm

Weight kg

a.5000, b.5500, c.6000

Our wire saw adopts CNC control, Four-Axis linkage, which can process the circular stone slab, roman column,numeral, letters, characters and other designed shapes.

1. Heavy load bearing structure, four orbits on each upright column, adjusted the balance by the rollers, with less friction and higher precision.

2.The left and right frame achieve synchronized lifting by steering equipment on the upper frame. The lifting accuracy is increased by the combination of lead screw and double nuts.

3. Cantilever part, the lead screw and pole adjust the distance of guide wheel,guide wheel is controlled by CNC,

to make the diamond wire cutting direction coincide, Servo Drive reducer controls the guide wheel rotating angle.

4. Automatic alarm and memory function if wire has broken.

5. Aluminum wheel diameter is 1600mm.One fly wheel slide through sheave, oil pump control Diamond wire tension.

Allow 6-10 weeks delivery on new machines

We can configure different features, HP and tables..

Disclaimer: With all new models exact machine can vary do to design change or improvements without notification to buyer.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email bronhenry@fastmail.com

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