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Machine ID 4331 Year 2009
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - CNC Jetsaws Condition Good
Type CNC Jetsaw W/ dual table Region Eastern CAN
Manufacturer Northwood    
Model SR-127    
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Description Following specuifications are as per initial quotation and need to be confirmed during the inspection:

NW-127 SawJET CNC Machining Center

Control System -GE Fanuc 180i-MB with integrated PC

Axes -Three horizontal linear axes, 3

Independently Zoned Centralized Grease Lubrication

Axes Travel

Gantry width - 168"

Gantry depth - 88"

Work Table -144in X 84in

Machine Tolerances - Unidirectional Positioning Repeatability = +/- 0.0003"

Unidirectional Positioning Accuracy = +/- 0.0008" Machine Quotation 2

Waterjet Intensifier - KMT Streamline SL-V 50 PLUS

50 HP (230v 3phase)

60,000 psi Maximum pressure range

Hyperlife (patent pending) plunger seal and ceramic plunger technology

Cartridge-type hydraulic seal for quick change out

Patented Quick Plunger Removal without disassembly of hydraulic cylinder

Cutting Nozzle - KMT AUTOLINE Abrasive Cutting Nozzle

Pre-aligned cartridge body, orifice, and focusing tube

Tool Center Point (TCP) feature - Patented tool-free, hand tightening feature allows quick maintenance and set-up

KMT diamond orifice technology

Bulk Abrasive Transfer System - 500 lb. capacity

Top Loading

Filling port is locked by internal air pressure

SawJET Sawing Head - 360 Degree programmable saw head

Fifteen (15) HP Smart Saw maintains constant torque and generates up to 24 HP based on the workload.

12 diameter blade which provides more stability in saw cuts with less blade deflection

All sawing operations are performed underwater which provides maximum coolant to the saw blade.

Software - StoneVision® 2.0 increases production by 30% - this software allows your machine to operate as a bridge saw only and or as a waterjet only as well as a combination saw/waterjet machine.

AlphaCAM® with True Shape Nesting


Construction - The machine construction consists of a tubular steel weldment skirted with steel plating. Extremely heavy-duty construction throughout insures machine stability and accuracy.

Control System - G.E. Fanuc 0i-MB Control Integrated PC Features:

Windows® Operating System Traverse override

Program restart Network ready

Background editing Full function handheld (MPG)

10.4 Color LCD Optional block skip

Run hour/Parts count display Current position display

Feed rate override Cutter compensation type C

Spindle override Absolute/Incremental

3.5 floppy drive/CD ROM programming

Tool offset memory C Work coordinate system

Tool length compensation Look ahead control

Inch/Metric capability Non-programmable mirror

Alarm/Operator message display image

Actual feed rate display Tool length measurement

Custom macro B 99 tool offsets

Dwell (G4) Bell-shaped

Helical interpolation acceleration/deceleration

Feed rate clamp by circular radius Memory (RAM) 128MB

Touch screen control panel I/O Port PCMCIA Card port

40GB Hard drive (Type I/II)

Two USB ports Serial port 1 1 port

Full keyboard port Serial port 2 1 port

(PS/2 compatible) Connection with CNC controller

Mouse port (PS/2 compatible) (HSSB)

One parallel port Part program storage

DNC capability (320M/128KB)

Controller keyboard Linear/Circular interpolation

Simultaneous 4 axis control MDI operation

Remote machine control and cycle stop/start located on pedestal.

Drive System - The machine drive system consists of closed loop AC servomotors powering precision-ground ball screws and ball nuts. All ball screws are totally enclosed by neoprene bellows. Horizontal axes utilize 40 mm diameter ball screws for speeds up to 2126 IPM.

Independently Zoned Centralized Grease Lubrication for X and Y axes (axis travel is automatically timed via CNC control with password protected security).

Work Table (Catcher) - Each machine work table consists of a series of replaceable metallic strips that support material during the cutting process. Base for table surface includes a tank collector that contains water.

Safety and Maintenance - The machine operator is protected by a series of safety features including a remote emergency stop, and axis over-travel detection. All electrical components are housed in a sealed, air-conditioned cabinet to prevent dust and humidity damage. Breakers are provided for all electrical circuits. Included are an operating manual, electrical schematics, maintenance manual, and parts list.


GE Fanuc 0i-MB control with integrated PC

KMT Streamline SL-V 50 PLUS

KMT AUTOLINE Abrasive Cutting Nozzle

Independently Zoned centralized grease lubrication

Bulk Abrasive Transfer System

SawJET 360 degree programmable sawing head (12)

Premium SawJET Productivity Package ($28,485.00 Value)

StoneVision/SawJET software (includes AlphaCAM® engine)

StoneLaser Part positioning (red)

StoneScan Barcode data input

KMT SLV 50hp Mini Spares Kit

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email bronhenry@fastmail.com

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